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Written by Olmos Park Fire Chief, Linc Surber on .

Our EMS system is a tiered system, using personnel and equipment from three cities to cover all EMS calls in our Tri-City area: Alamo Heights, Olmos Park and Terrell Hills.

When someone in Olmos Park calls for EMS, the dispatcher alerts both Alamo Heights Fire Department and Olmos Park Fire Department on the radio. Alamo Heights responds with an ambulance normally staffed with two Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedics. Olmos Park responds to the scene with three or four Emergency Medical Technicians which might include a Paramedic or Intermediate. Olmos Park has 2 Paramedics, 1 Intermediate and 11 EMT-Basics, with at least three (3) on-duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Olmos Park usually arrives on scene in 2-3 minutes of dispatch, finds the patient location and identifies the initial patient condition. They provide immediately needed medical treatment and alert the responding ambulance of patient stability and specific patient location information.

Alamo Heights usually arrives in 4-6 minutes of dispatch. All personnel work together using EMS Medical Orders to determine proper medical treatment and offer transportation by ambulance to the nearest appropriate emergency room when warranted.

Both Olmos Park and Alamo Heights have radios and telephones that allow direct contact with our Medical Director for unusual or borderline situations. Our medical director has used the department phone to talk directly to the patient giving medical advice on treatment and transport options available to the patient when the patient is unsure if they want to go the hospital. This level of direct medical control is an advantage of our Tri-City EMS system.

The dispatcher accesses the EMSystem online software to give up-to-date hospital emergency room status to the on-scene medics while determining the appropriate open hospital.

On-scene times are kept as short as possible to provide the highest level of care. On-Scene times are usually less than 20 minutes. While enroute to the hospital, the ambulance crew gives a patient condition report to the emergency room to allow preparation for the arriving EMS patient.

Our EMS system provides some of the shortest response times in the San Antonio area. The Tri-City system has been in place since the early 1980’s serving Alamo Heights, Olmos Park and Terrell Hills.

One of ways to reduce on-scene times is to have all your current medical information written down and readily accessible for the EMS crew. We have File-Of-Life packets available for providing your medical information to EMTs in a medical emergency.

Call us at the Olmos Park fire station 210 824-3281, x328 or come by, if you would like pick up a File-Of-Life packet.
Linc Surber, Fire Chief

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